Recipes to Celebrate Imbolc - Awesome on 20 (2024)

I'm sharing 99 awesome recipes to celebrate Imbolc and Brigid's Day. This is the cross-quarter festival celebrating fertility, creation, and milk, which means we get to eat all the cheese. Who's ready for a feast?

Putting these lists together throughout the wheel of the year iss been so much fun for me. It deepens my knowledge about each sabbat and helps me to plan my own feasts with my coven. I have a special love for Imbolc, though, since I'm a hard-core cheese lover. There are so many awesome cheesy recipes I left off this list, so if you're not finding the cheese dish of your dreams, just try the link.

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc literally means "in the belly" and refers to the growth of new life in the womb. Falling on or around February 1st, this cross-quarter sabbat honors the first signs of new life following the winter solstice. As we begin to see crocuses blossom and animals come out of hibernation, we are reminded that the wheel of the year keeps turning and the sun is growing stronger.

This day also honors Brigid, an Irish goddess of fire and fertility. She's often depicted with a cauldron, symbolizing creation of all kinds. While some of us may still be hoping for plentiful crops and the birth of farm animals, many of us are hoping for fertility of a different sort. Imbolc is a great time to practice any type of creativity and work any type of abundance or fertility magic.

After the arrival of the Church, she became St. Brigid, and this is still her feast day.

Mother's milk is also an important aspect of Imbolc, and it's also a symbol of fertility and abundance. This is the lambing season, and other animals are also pregnant or giving birth around this time, so milk is plentiful. Honor new life by bringing this ingredient in all its glorious forms into your Imbolc feast.

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Imbolc is the perfect time for planting seeds, both literal and metaphorical. I love to use this sabbat for intention setting for the year ahead, planting the energetic seeds that I'd like to tend and harvest throughout the year. Bring this energy into your kitchen witchcraft by cooking with seeds.

  • Gorgonzola Focaccia Bread - This cheesy bread gets topped with buttery pine nuts for a hit of cleansing energy.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes - Imbolc is celebrating the return of the sun, and what feels more sunny than lemon?
  • Whole Wheat Lemon Chia Seed Waffles - A healthyish Imbolc breakfast option.
  • Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad - Fresh strawberries may be hard to find, but you could get creative with the fruit and still use the poppy seed dressing.
  • Crispy Honey Chicken - Serve this sweet and savoury Chinese dish on a bed of rice to call in abundance.


Blackberries are sacred to Brigid and carry the energy of fertility and protection. In February, you're unlikely to find fresh blackberries that are grown sustainably, but blackberry jam and frozen blackberries could still be worked into your spells.

  • Cinnamon Whole Wheat Pancakes with Brown Butter Blackberry Syrup - Add the fire energy of cinnamon to your Imbolc breakfast. Make the syrup with frozen berries.
  • - Cheese and blackberries are the perfect Imbolc spell. Use blackberry jam or make your own with frozen berries.
  • Jam Tarts - These can be filled with your favorite blackberry jam. A blackberry tart would make a beautiful altar offering to Brigid.


Basil represents new life, which is what Imbolc is all about. The green, leafy herb is also associated with money drawing. Use it fresh if you've got an indoor plant or incorporate cheese and pine nuts for a basil pesto.

  • Italian Grilled Cheese - Fresh mozzarella, crispy prosciutto, pesto, and balsamic all cook together between two crispy slices of bread.
  • - Roasted baby tomatoes, cheese, and a fresh basil vinaigrette for a twist on a caprese salad.
  • Strawberry Lemon Basil Infused Water - Purify yourself with this gorgeous infused water.
  • - Garnish this cheesy baked pasta dish with a basil chiffonade.
  • Whipped Feta on Toast - This recipe is the perfect base for any number of toppings, but basil and tomato is delicious. Or try basil with strawbery and balsamic vinegar.
  • - Bring a bit of sunshine to this winter feast, and add fresh basil to the pot for some abundance magic.


A witch should never be without rosemary. This versatile herb carries the energy of the Sun and is sacred to Brigid. Include it in your Imbolc feast to connect to Spirit.

  • Rosemary Potato Rolls - A perfect side dish for any sabbat feast.
  • - This hearty rosemary-infused dish is perfect for keeping warm in winter.
  • Italian Roasted Potatoes - Elevate your regular roasties with polenta and fresh rosemary.
  • - Simple roast chicken and potatoes are heightened with lemon and rosemary.
  • Lemon Risotto - Lemons are associated with the moon, but they feel so sunny to me. This risotto also features fresh rosemary.
  • Parmesan Fried Gnocchi - Use a variety of dried herbs, including rosemary, plus a ton of cheese.
  • - We've got cheese, pasta, chicken, and a bunch of rosemary. Simple and delicious.
  • Whipped Ricotta - Add dried rosemary, crushed red pepper flakes, and all your favorite herbs to this cloud of cheese.
  • - Mix dried herbs, including rosemary, into your goat cheese for extra flavor and extra magic.

Muffins & Scones

I saw a couple of references on Pinterest mention muffins and scones for Imbolc, but I haven't found a source that says why. I'm running with it, though. Share them with your coven mates or leave one as an offering on your Imbolc altar. And we might as well throw some biscuits in there just for fun.

  • Scones - Top a classic British scone with blackberry jam and clotted cream.
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins - Wintery pumpkin muffins get stuffed with sweetened cream cheese.
  • Sour Cream Scones - Add a bit of dairy to these tangy cousins of the buttermilk biscuit.
  • Double Chocolate Muffins - What's not to love about double the chocolate?
  • Homemade Blueberry Muffins - A classic with fresh or frozen berries.
  • Double-Glazed Chai Spice Muffins - Wintery spices full of prosperity energy in a sweet little package.
  • Caramel Butterscotch Muffins - Feed your sweet tooth.
  • Chocolate Toffee Muffins - These might be my favorite muffin.
  • Chocolate Banana Muffins - Bananas have serious fertility energy.
  • - Bring some cleansing energy to the Imbolc table with these little quick breads.
  • Blueberry Jam Muffins - Better yet, swap in blackberry jam to honor the goddess Brighid.
  • Pumpkin Scones - An autumn favorite can be enjoyed well into winter, especially when it's made with prosperity spice.
  • Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits - These savoury babies bring all sorts of Imbolc correspondences in one delicious package.
  • Chocolate Orange Scones - Imbolc also falls during citrus season, so bring some sunny orange energy into your celebration.
  • Welsh Rarebit Muffins - A savoury, cheesy muffin that makes a great soup dipper.

Onions & Garlic

Onions and garlic are both associated with the element of fire, so perhaps that's why they are commonly eaten at Imbolc. These are both vegetables that can be stored for a long time, so there's a chance you'd still have some around in February. Onions bring fertility energy while garlic is associated with passion. And they both go great with cheese.

  • - When Imbolc is on a weeknight, this dish would be totally doable for a family sabbat feast between basketball practice and science homework.
  • Mexican Lasagna - We're bringing in garlic, onions, peppers and plenty of cheese in this vegetarian meal.
  • - Mostly cheese with a bit of garlic plus a simple no-cook sauce.
  • Garlic Herb Toast - Serve this as an accompaniment to an Imbolc pasta dish.
  • Creamy Garlic Spinach Dip - We've got cheese and garlic plus a bit of spinach to call in prosperity.
  • - I like to use parsley and thyme, but go for whatever herbs make you happy.
  • - You gotta have at least one whole wheel of cheese at an Imbolc feast. Top it with fiery garlic to add to the spell.
  • - Carve sigils into the top crust of each little pie.
  • Mexican Spinach Dip - Stir in spicy salsa along with plenty of cheese for a Tex Mex sabbat celebration.
  • - These will be perfect alongside a cauldron of delicious hot soup.
  • - Made with just three ingredients.
  • - I make a lot of cheesy dips, but this one might be my favorite. It's studded with chopped green onion.
  • - This is the kind of thing you can make for a solitary Imbolc feast.
  • - With a thick garlicky breadcrumb layer, this is two awesome dishes in one.
  • - Leeks are a close cousin of onions, so I'm sure they count.

Peppers & Chilies

Peppers and chilies are definitely bringing that fire energy to the table. The spicier you get, the more fire you invoke. Many peppers are used to help speed up spells, and I would certainly love to speed up the return of the sun.

  • Cheddar Corn Soup - This cheesy soup made with cheddar with chilies has a surprising kick.
  • - We've got plenty of cheese plus peppers, onions, and garlic, not to mention chicken and corn.
  • Jalapeno Cream Cheese-Stuffed Burgers - Mix some jalapenos with some cream cheese and stuff it inside a juicy burger.
  • Vegetarian Jalapeno Poppers - They may not be wrapped in bacon, but they're still a spicy, cheesy delight.
  • Jalapeno Hush Puppies - We're frying up balls of spicy corn batter, and it's so awesome.
  • - We've got pepper jelly or chili jam plus smoky cheddar. Oh, and bacon, of course. This one will put you right over the top.
  • Frito Chili Cheese Wrap - This one's for those Sonic Drive-Thru witches. Anything you make counts as witchcraft.
  • Gnocchi Chili - A big pot of this will keep you warm and full through the winter.
  • Cornbread-Topped Chili Mac - Again we're bringing in the spicy chili action, plus plenty of cheese.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels - Create sacred spirals of spicy chicken and cheese.
  • - Lots of the work for this soup is done in the oven, the modern kitchen witch's hearth.
  • Picky Eater Chicken Enchiladas - Everyone will love this mildly spicy, very cheesy Tex Mex dish.
  • Black Bean Chili with Bacon - Black beans can metaphysically stimulate creativity.
  • Spicy Cheese Fries - Chop some potatoes, cover them in chili powder and other spices, bake them until tender and crispy, then douse them in cheese.
  • Fiery Halloumi Salad - Okay, it says salad, but we all know it's about the cheese and the insanely hot homemade sweet chili sauce.


Okay, we know that dairy is the big hitter for this festival. Here I've got recipes that are more milk and cream based. I figured cheese needed its own category. This ingredient is to honor the fertility and creative power of mothers, but we can all express mother energy regardless of gender or the state of your reproductive organs. We all have the power to create. Let's call on it with these recipes.

  • - A cream based sauce plus cheese makes this a brilliant Imbolc pasta bake.
  • Nutty Nutella Boozy Milkshake - Nut energy is perfect for winter, and this milkshake is perfect for a party.
  • - Get the little witchlings to help you make this one.
  • Easy Greek Yogurt Pancakes - High protein pancakes for a healthyish breakfast. Serve with blackberries.
  • Better than Sex Cupcakes - These cupcakes get injected with caramel and condensed milk. They're practically lactating.
  • Mudslide Milkshake - Bailey's and Kahlua mixed with ice cream is a celebration in and of itself.
  • White Russian Milkshake - This is deceptively potent.
  • Buttery Nipple Milkshake - Something sexy if you're celebrating Lupercalia, a possible forerunner to Valentine's Day.
  • Brown Elephant Amarula co*cktail - A creamy, fruity co*cktail that calls in friendship.
  • Boozy Root Beer Float - A childhood favorite made all grown up with spiced rum and vanilla vodka.
  • Lemon Meringue Fool - A delicious and tangy no-bake dessert that even the newest kitchen witch can accomplish.
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Spiced Maple Butter - Milk can take so many delicious forms, but cayenne-infused melted butter has to be close to the top of the list.
  • Turkish Eggs - Poached eggs sit on a bed of garlicky yogurt, then get topped with chili-infused butter.
  • Pumpkin Spice White Russian - Bring back that fiery cinnamon to make an extra awesome co*cktail.
  • Vanilla Hot Chocolate for One - Add some spices for a bit of extra magic, then enjoy it in front of your bonfire.


It's here, kids. It's time for cheese. Like I said, I left 87 recipes off this list and brought you only your favorites. Can you tell I really love cheese? This amazing food calls in the energy of transformation, success, and happiness.

Beyond making an epic cheeseboard, here are my top 10 cheesy recipes for you to try.

  • - Figs are full of seeds, so they carry big fertility energy.
  • - Bring in some spicy chorizo to this cheesy dish.
  • - Our more recent ancestors may have had to turn to potted meat during the harsh winter months. So salty. So good.
  • Spaghetti Quesadilla - My favorite way to eat leftover spaghetti. Add some basil for Imbolc.
  • White Cheddar Fondue - Dip all your favorites into this delicious cauldron of cheese.
  • - Bring a touch of summer sweetness to your winter feast.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Roll-Ups - I'd say these are a kids favorite, but you know everyone will love them.
  • Halloumi Fries - These take all of five minutes to make. Dip them in sweet chili sauce for a bit of fire energy.
  • Cheddar Quick Bread - Bread baking is always a wonderful sabbat activity.
  • Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits - This is a simple no-bake dessert that witches of all ages can help make.
  • - Serve this any time of day for lots of happiness and abundance.
  • Easy Cheesy Stuffed Peppers - This is just such a beautiful dish, and a great way to call in color magic.
  • Cheddar Habanero Cornbread - Serve this with your favorite chili for some added fire energy, and the fertility magic of corn.
  • Mini Cheddar Meatloaves - I had to include this as one of my all time favorite dishes.
  • - Cranberries correspond with both fire and water and bring the energy of abundance.
  • - Call on the protective pentagram of the apple in this season of new life.

I hope you enjoy these recipes to celebrate Imbolc and that you don't suffer any indigestion from mild lactose intolerance. Seriously, though, I hope you feel the deep hope of this season. Plant the seeds of what you'd like to create for the year ahead.

If you make any of these recipes, be sure to share them and tag me on Instagram. I can't wait to see how you honor this sabbat.

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Recipes to Celebrate Imbolc - Awesome on 20 (2024)
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