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I have also been making green goddess dressing more or less like this for years, sometimes going a little heavier on the anchovy and tarragon and using a couple of scallions as well. And guess what? You can use a similar cheat to make Caesar dressing— just add lemon juice, garlic, anchovy and Parmesan to mayo (I’m partial to Trader Joe’s organic) and blend. One more thing—I use my immersion blender instead of a food processor— way easier clean-up.

What non-dairy ingredient can I substitute for 1/3 cup Greek yogurt?

Patrise Henkel

I make green goddess by packing a half-pint mason jar with herbs, whatever I have, or parsley & scallions in winter. Then I fill the jar 1/3 with olive oil, another third with rice vinegar. Endless variations: You can throw in garlic if you like. Use tahini in place of the oil, with lemon juice, not vinegar. Experiment!Mason jars are the same size as a standard blender base. Screw the base on the jar and whiz away to perfection.

Margaret cooks

For vegans I would suggest substituting capers for anchovies. A good sour cream can be substituted for Greek yogurt. I too add a bit of garlic when I am in the mood. This recipe is delicious over a green salad or as a sandwich spread.

Elizabeth Barry, Canada

I prefer to use anchovy paste; if my boyfriend sees those little whiskery bones in a half anchovy - even just waiting in the kitchen - he won't be happy; with the tube of anchovy paste he's astonished at the deliciousness of his meal and it doesn't enter his mind there might be anchovies in it. Never mention them.


Vegetarian substitute for anchovies:(1) These all provide umami, which is the real function of anchovies when used as "background' flavoring. Pick any combo that you like. -nutritional yeast flakes-bragg's liquid aminos-soy sauce or tamari[note that the bragg's & soy sauce are salty; add , taste, bef salting]Grana Padana or Parmigiano-Reggiano(2) if you specifically want a hint of fish as well, crumble some seaweed to powder or use Nori flakes.

James Lombardo

Fantastic! Who needs sex when we've got this amazing dressing?!


Duke’s Mayo or bust!!Also I blitz raw cashews as a mayo/yogurt substitute with some EVOO.


Made this recipe as is, except I subbed white miso paste for the anchovies to make it vegetarian. I added about 2 tbsp of paste. It was a big hit with the family. I’ll be adding this dressing to more dishes in the future. Delicious!


White miso, capers, or olives would be some possibilities.


I made this almost exactly as written - a little extra lemon juice, and reversed the quantities of parsley and basil accidentally. And added half an avocado to sort of merge this recipe with the one in SFAH. I genuinely think this is the most delicious salad dressing I have ever eaten.

thanks for seasoning hints

sometimes I add a shake or two of Worcestershire, in place of anchovies.


Subbed tahini for mayonnaise and meyer lemons for regular. Delicious!


I would leave out the tarragon and anchovies, two aftertaste gremlins in my mouth, but my taste-imaginator tells me this would still be very satisfying on any salad. Maybe I add a small garlic clove, minced, in substitution for my missing anchovy fillets.I want the flavors to remain delicate and keep me wanting more, desperately chasing my salad to the bottom of the bowl, perhaps embarrassing myself in my frenzy.


Thanks, Samin, for the validation. I've been making it this way for years, but I add a small clove of chopped garlic. This is divine on a seafood salad!


Quick, delicious, easy!


I've used this recipe as a guide for making Green Goddess dressing but have subbed nonfat Greek yogurt, less mayonnaise, a squirt of extra virgin olive oil and some miso (in place of anchovies) - it's worked well.

Holly S.

This dressing was delicious! But, I would pair down the anchovies next time to just 1, it was a bit too fishy for me (and I love fish). I used high grade filets packed in oil and used leftovers on some bruschetta and they were great.


I must have made this recipe over 20 times since a friend put me on to it this Spring! I just added half an avocado to the last batch I made on a whim, and it was delicious. I try to make it slightly different every time. My go-to herb blend is tons of dill, chives, and parsley plus a few basil leaves.


Skipped the anchovies as I did not have those on hand, turned out great! This is my go to salad dressing recipe.


I'm in the minority; didn't love it. I made this exactly as called for, only substituting anchovy paste for anchovies. The basil overpowered the other herbs and didn't taste like GG at all and was a little blah. I added more herbs and a bit of fresh garlic, still not Great. It would have worked with other herbs such as mint, cilantro, parsley but would not have been GG.


I sub half a large avocado for the yogurt. You'll never miss it.


Worcestershire sauce works in place of anchovies


Immersion blender may be easier


Best ever potato salad dressing!


If you really dislike the idea of anchovies, add a drop or three of soy sauce for umami


I made this exactly per the recipe. It was too mayonnaisy for our palate. I won’t be making it again.

Angela D

I found this recipe to be more of a dip than a salad dressing. While the anchovies added an umami depth that others described, and the dressing was balanced by the lemon juice, it was just too thick and heavy for me. I added about 1/4 c buttermilk, and it was a little lighter, but only just. Next time, I would not use full fat Greek yogurt, maybe a 2% product of some type. I might also use equal parts yogurt and mayo.


This is the best salad dressing ever made in life.


This is sensational! I have never been a talent for making salad dressing. To me, it is like a memorable soup -- sounds easy but it is a talent too. This made me a star for one night -- I liked the feeling! I did not have a reputable anchovy, only a sinister two in a jar at the back of the refrigerator. So I used white miso to give it a kick and my God, it worked! Beautiful on romaine which stands up well to all the big flavour here.

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Green Goddess Dressing Recipe (2024)
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